Asiya not a fugitive: DeM condemn police raids

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Friday condemned the police raids against its president Asiya Andrabi who was released on Thursday by an open court.
“The government is searching for the leader as if she was a fugitive or a criminal,” a spokesperson of the DeM said here.
Soon after her release, the spokesperson said, Asiya straightaway went to a doctor for a medical checkup.
“We were astonished to see a police team raiding her house and asking for her whereabouts,” the spokesperson said and condemned the police action.
“Asiya Andrabi was released after fifth bail order was passed in her favor yesterday but we fail to understand why police is again after her. The present dispensation in the state has crossed all the limits and has proved to be worst and shameless,” the spokesperson said.
Meanwhile, the DeM also condemned “Hindu fanatics” for “provoking” Kashmiris by trying to hurl the Indian flag in Lal chowk Srinagar.