Omar, Karra say attack akin to Dadri lynching

  • ‘Unacceptable incident’ says CM; House meant for talks, not to kill a person: Omar
  • Attack on whole Kashmiri nation; take legal action against BJP legislators; PDP must ponder alliance with BJP: Karra

Srinagar: Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on Thursday strongly condemned the assault on MLA Langate Er. Rashid in the Legislative Assembly, minutes before proceedings were to begin in the House. “What happened today is highly unfortunate. The sanctity of the House should be maintained and it should not be reduced to a wrestling ring where blows are exchanged,” he said, urging lawmakers to respect and protect the dignity of the august House.
Mufti said the incident was unacceptable and added that all elected members have a right to voice their concerns and that of their respective constituencies.
Saying that it seemed that the BJP legislators had wanted to kill Rashid, former CM and NC leader Omar Abdullah said, “This House is meant for talks, and not to kill a person. Whatever Rashid has done, right or wrong, does not justify this act. We too have sentiments, but that does not mean we shall ban consumption of liquor or eating of pork, which are strictly prohibited in Islam.”
On his part, senior PDP leader and Member Parliament Tariq Hameed Karra sought an FIR against the accused BJP legislators for “their reprehensible action in the House.” In a statement, Karra said the ‘outrageous action’ of the BJP legislators was akin to the lynching of Mohammad Ikhlaque of Dadri, UP. “It is not an attack on Er Rashid, but an attack on the whole Kashmiri nation,” he said.
“The tragic incident in the state Assembly has made it amply clear that if the communal and radical Hindutva elements are not reigned in immediately, the time is not far away when we will see Dadri-like appalling incidents being replicated even on the streets of the Muslim majority state like Jammu and Kashmir,” Karra said, adding that if immediate legal action was not taken against the accused BJP legislators, they will be emboldened to interfere in other religious matters of the state’s majority Muslim population.
Urging PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and party President, Mehbooba Mufti to seriously ponder the pros and cons of the party’s alliance with BJP, Karra said at a time when the minorities in India were seeking a united leadership to counter the radical Hindutva elements, the PDP should not be seen cozying up to “such sadistic elements” for the sake of power.
“My reservations, which I have reiterated time and again, regarding our party’s alliance with the BJP were not for the heck of it (sic). I had foreseen that radical Hindutva forces would try to implement their divisive and communal agenda in Jammu and Kashmir under democratic cover over the shoulders of its regional coalition partner (sic),” Karra said, and added that his worst fears have ‘unfortunately started coming true’.