Jihad Council announces awards to militants for killing SI

Srinagar: Conglomerate of militant outfits, United Jihad Council while terming the killing of Jammu Kashmir police officer Altaf Dar a “big success” Thursday said that it has decided to confer bravery awards on the militants responsible for the killing of Altaf Dar.
In a statement, spokesperson UJC Syed Sadaqat Hussain said that despite being a Kashmir, Altaf Dar was aiding Indian agents and was responsible for the custodial killings of hundreds of militants and civilians. “Death keeps no calendar. There is difference in the death of person who dies for his nation and for the one who dies for sake of promotions and money,” the spokesperson said. He said that the murderers have to pay for their deeds. “Those police officers who have become a tool in the hands of Indian agencies should learn a lesson from the death of Altaf Dar. People detest such elements,” he said adding that freedom struggle will continue till it is not taken to its logical end.