Attack an eye-opener for Muslims, two-nation theory vindicated: Er Rashid

Srinagar: MLA Abdul Rashid on Thursday said that the BJP’s assault on him has vindicated Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s two nation theory and that Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir was correct.
Talking to reporters outside the Assembly after he was assaulted by BJP legislators, Rashid said the BJP is ‘doing it to win elections in Bihar’ and this incident should serve as an eye-opener for Muslims of India.
“I did not indulge in any illegal act by hosting a beef party. Eating beef is my right and no power can snatch it away from me. Beef was banned under the state’s Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) and the High Court had ordered its implementation, but a Supreme Court order suspended its enforcement for two months in the state. The assault has proven the BJP is a party of hooligans,” Rashid said.
Rashid said the MLA Hostel officials only allowed him to hold the ‘beef party’ after “I explained to them the apex court’s verdict.”
“You will find many bottles of liquor at the MLA hostel. If legislators can have alcohol, why can’t I have beef?” he asked.
Rashid said he has no personal issue with the BJP but actually has some sympathy for them ‘because they are suffering from mental sickness’.
“PDP was in hand-in-glove with BJP. Naeem Akhtar had already said that he will slaughter me. My assault was a film made by PDP, its producer was Mufti himself, the director was Naeem Akhtar and main actors were BJP members.”