Why do youths of the Valley commit suicide?  

By Ashraf Amin Malik
The world was rejoicing and cherishing new hopes at the coming of the year 2015, when tragic news of suicide surfaced in newspapers on the very first morning of the year. Four persons attempted suicide in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district resulting in death of two precious lives. Every week one gets to know that a person has committed suicide in some part of the Valley.
Apart from other social challenges, suicide at present seems one of the greatest challenges for the people of Kashmir. Every day one or the other person kills himself for variety of reasons. Suicide is not confined to any particular age group or a gender. It is a worrying factor that so many of our youth are committing suicide for trifle reasons. What can be more shameful for a nation than that its citizens prefer death over life?
We need to introspect and ask: are we discharging our duties towards our family?  Do we lend an attentive ear to the grievances of our loved ones? Do we understand the wishes of our acquaintances? Do we console our people when a tragedy inflicts them? Do we understand the psychological set-up of our adolescent children? Do we take into account the helplessness of the old age of our parents and grandparents? Do we groom our children properly? These are some of the questions that need answers. We could not save the helpless woman of Khanyar, who burnt herself. She might have narrated the sad tale to her parents and other relatives, the people of her neighbourhood wouldn`t have been ignorant of her conditions, but no one thought of a timely solution. And when the victim embraced death, all lament and cry for revenge! Why is it that we find solution to our problems in death?
is a time to join hands to fight against the menace of suicide by instilling in our people the hope of better life; and give them a purpose to live their life. If Medicins Sans Frontiers can traverse the entire globe to offer counselling to the millions of ailing people, why can`t we strive to alleviate the sufferings of our own people! Let us take a break from our busy schedule to attend to the problems of our family members and our neighbours and our countrymen so that no one chooses death over life.