Tax raid: Traders cry ‘harassment’, threaten ‘reactive measures’

SRINAGAR: Expressing serious concern over the “harassment” of traders at the hands of Sales Tax department, the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) President Haji Mohammed Yasin Khan on Wednesday said the “official hooliganism is intolerable”.
“Instead of feeling ashamed of having failed to do anything good for the flood-hit traders, the government is resorting to tactics, which seem to be a deep-rooted conspiracy to sabotage revival of trade in flood-hit Kashmir,” Khan, who also heads his faction of the Kashmir Economic Alliance, said in a release issued here.
He said the “harassment” was “so terrible” that the traders have started taking the Sales Tax department officials “as goons who inspect markets with intention of rioting”.
“This hooliganism is intolerable and if the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed doesn’t intervene in a timely manner, we will be left with no options but to take some reactive measures. The onus shall squarely lie on the government,” Khan said.
Meanwhile, the Kashmir Traders Federation (KTF), as per its spokesman Ajaz Shahdhar, held a meeting here to discuss the issues.
The meeting, attended by all members and market presidents of the body and taxpaying traders, was presided over by federation’s President Haji Jan Mohammad Koul.
“The president said the traders have submitted self declaration form according to SRO, showing their business records and fully damaged documents by the recent September 2014 floods. Yet, the Commercial Tax department officials are harassing the traders for the records and are not issuing Form C,” Ajaz said in a release issued here.
The president, as per the spokesman, said the traders are consequently “unable to import the goods from the dealers and manufactures outside”.
“They are harassing too much for the issuance of Form C and are asking for the records of the business establishments,” he said.
He said the officials at Lakhanpur are also harassing the Kashmir-bound truckers.