Municipal Committee Pampore ‘digs trench’ on river Jhelum to dump garbage


Pampore: In clear violation of High Court orders which restrict any construction or defacement of river Jhelum banks, the Municipal Committee Pampore has dug a trench on the river bank to dump garbage in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
Residents and shopkeepers of Pampore said that the municipality used a backhoe loader to dig a trench defacing the river bank.
Municipal Committee Pampore

“The officials seem to be careless about its ramifications. They have starting dumping garbage into the trench,” said Hilal Ahmad Ahangar, a resident of Pampore adding that the officials even do not care about High Court directions.
Besides the defacement, the garbage site is a public place which is close to a bus stand and a market place. The bystanders and shopkeepers said that the stink spreads to the whole market place.
The residents of the town said that earlier the Municipal Committee Pampore used to dump the garbage at Tanchabagh locality of the town which was strongly resented by the locals.
Executive officer, Municipal Committee Pampore, Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar feigned ignorance about the matter and declined the allegations that a trench was dug on the river bank.
“Earlier we used to dump the garbage at Tanchabagh and then some garbage was dumped on the river bank but was soon removed,” he said, adding that most of the garbage was being shifted to Galandar dumping site.