Sana Fazili

SRINAGAR: The government on Wednesday said that as many as 2009 cases of domestic violence have been registered across the state and more than 4000 people were booked in the past five years.
In a written reply to the nominated MLA Anjum Fazili’ question, minister for Social Welfare Bali Bhagat said that government was taking all necessary measures to curb violence against women in the domestic sphere. “In this regard Jammu and Kashmir Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2010 has been enacted throughout the state,”
“For the past five years 2009 cases of domestic violence have been registered and 4157 people have been booked under this act,” he added.
He further said that government has tasked the State Commission for Women with several function to put a check over the incidents of domestic violence across the state.
“Women’s commission has been asked to investigate and examine all the matters related to the safeguards provided for women under constitution and law,” he said.
He added that the commission has also been directed to review the laws and to recommend amendments to meet the shortcomings of the present laws pertaining to safety of the women.
“The women’s commission has been asked to identify the factors affecting the socio-economic development of women and act on all such factors,” he added.
Bhagat said that Women’s commission has been given powers to inspect jails, remand homes or other institution where women are kept as prisoners and suggest remedial action, if necessary.
He said that the Commission would also carryout special studies to evaluate the situations arising out of discrimination against women.

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