MoS education stages walk out after being cornered by own partymen

SRINAGAR: Minister of State for Education, Priya Sethi, was forced to walk out of the Legislative Assembly after she was cornered by her own party legislators over the “bad state” of education in Jammu region.
Sethi was asked a volley of question by the BJP leaders forcing her to stage the walk out.
She was asked as to why powers of the director education Jammu was taken away by the Commissioner Secretary Education (CSE) and “what has made Jammu’s education department defunct.”
In her reply, Sethi said that there was nothing to worry about the state of education in the region. “Everything is hunky-dory with the system and there is nothing to worry about.”
However, the legislators continued to ask more questions to which Sethi took exception and staged a walk out.
The legislators later demanded sacking of the CSE.
“The Commissioner has taken away all the powers of director school education Jammu and runs a one man army. Urdu teacher has been sent to teach Chemistry and History teacher Maths; this is the situation.” Ravindra Raina, a BJP member said.
Later on, minister for education, Naeem Akhtar, acknowledged that there were many issues concerning the department and the government was taking measures to resolve them.