Allowing Ahmadiya conference serious threat to peace in Kashmir: religious scholars

SRINAGAR: Religious scholars of Kashmir on Monday cautioned government not to allow any Ahmadiya conference in Srinagar saying such a move would disturb peace in the Valley.
“Permitting such a conference in a Muslim majority state will hurt the sentiments of people and will disturb peace in the Valley. So the Ulama have unanimously urged upon the government not to allow such a conference in Srinagar. If anything untoward happens by allowing such a conference, the government will be solely responsible,” said a statement quoting a galaxy of scholars who met under the banner of Majlis Tahafuz Khatm-e-Nubuwat.
The statement said that the meeting was held on Tuesday at Darul Uloom Sopore under the chairmanship of Moulana Bashiruddin Qasmi.
Representatives of all religious organisations from various parts of the Valley including Moulana Ghulam Mohammad Qasmi, Moulana Iqbal Ahmad Andrabi, Mufti Muzaffar Hussain, Mufti Abdul Raheem and Mufti Abdul Rashid were present in the meeting. The representatives of other organisations including Jamiat-e-Ulama Ahli Sunnat wal Jamat JK, Anjumane Sada-e-Haq and others were also present.
The statement said that the scholars discussed the issue of allowing a proposed Ahmadiya conference in Srinagar and expressed anguish over the development. The participants termed the proposed conference as a plot to disturb peace in the Valley.
They said that it is the unanimous belief of Muslims that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is the last messenger of Allah and no one can claim Prophethood after him (SAW). They said it is also our belief that whosoever makes such a claim is a lair.
“Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, the founder leader of the Ahmadiyas, has claimed not only to be a prophet but god at times. That is why he has been declared Mal-uoon and those who follow him have been declared as non-Muslims,” the statement said.
The scholars also urged upon all the Imams across the Valley to highlight the “ill effects of allowing such a conference and also apprise people about this fitna”. They also appealed people to follow the teaching of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in letter and spirit.