Kashmiri carpet gets Geographical Indication

SRINAGAR: The authorities have granted Geographical Indication (GI) registration to Kashmiri carpets, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) said on Monday.
“It is after vigorous efforts by KCCI, Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, and ‘Meeras’, through series of meetings and continued follow up with concerned authorities, that GI has been granted for Kashmir carpet,” KCCI said in a release issued here.
GI is a sign used on products having a specific geographical origin with unique qualities or reputation. To function as a GI, a sign must identify a product as originating from a specific place. And the process involves a series of tests to get GI certification before the product goes into the market.
KCCI said it created a society under the name and style ‘Meeras’ in 2013 to seek GI registration for carpets manufactured in the state.
“It was to establish its status and ensure its acceptance in the domestic and international market as a genuine quality Kashmir handmade product made from purest of the materials,” it said in the statement, advising all carpet weavers to get their products GI certified.
“The chamber advises and expects all the carpet manufacturers to get GI certification for their products before sending them to various domestic or international markets for sale,” it said.