Thwarting debate on beef ban will have serious ramifications: Tarigami

SRINAGAR: CPI (M) state secretary and MLA Kulgam, M Y Tarigami, on Sunday said that any attempt to thwart discussion on the beef ban issue in the ongoing Assembly session will have “serious ramifications”.
He also said that the ban on the sale of bovine animals was a “deliberate attempt” to divide people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Tarigami said that neither the speaker of the Assembly nor the chief minister has any authority to undermine the sanctity of the house.
“In the past, we have witnessed that whenever a democratic process was undermined, there have been serious consequences,” Tarigami said while addressing a press conference here.
He said that if discussion on the bills was not allowed, “it would not only be an attempt to disrespect the power of the legislation but an attempt to weaken the people of Kashmir”.
Tarigami along with independent MLA, Engineer Rashid, has submitted a bill for this session seeking debate on the beef ban issue.
He alleged that the speaker was “obeying the orders” of the government in the house and was acting as its spokesman.
“The speaker must protect the sanctity of the house and act as its custodian and not as a government spokesperson,” he added.
Tarigami said he obeys court orders but “legislation has no authority to violate judiciary and similarly judiciary could not encroach upon power of the legislation”. “Court does not bar the Assembly to discuss the bills submitted already.
“We have been following a tradition which has always respected religious sentiments of all communities living in the state,” he said.
“It was not expected from the Speaker to disrespect his constitutional mandate of neutrality and virtually and act as spokesperson of the government. Remarks of the speaker indicate that the government has shelved the much needed debate on the bills related to beef ban.”
Tarigami said the speaker must give due importance to bills so that these important bills are not shelved for the “narrow political interests”.