Govt shielding Kunan-Poshpora rape accused: JKCCS

SRINAGAR: The JK Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) on Saturday accused the government of delaying the proceeding in the 1991-Kunan-Poshpora mass rape case by not “intimating the parties involved.”
This, the HR group said, is being done to “shield the accused.”
“In December 2014, the state government challenged High Court orders, seeking compensation to the Kunan-Poshpora mass rape and torture victims, in the Supreme Court.  Almost a year has passed since then but the government has failed to intimate the parties involved (accused army men and government of India),” a JKCCS spokesman said in a statement.
“The survivors have at every forum – including the Supreme Court – emphasized the urgency for fair and independent investigations, but the government’s failure to serve the parties has led to the delay in the proceedings as the involved parties feel deem it  unnecessary to even respond to the petition,” he added.
On September 30, the apex court declined further opportunity to army after it failed to file the counter affidavit despite the warning of last opportunity to file the same. The apex court was also informed that the accused army men were not served with the notice by state government.
The delay, thus, means that the government is shielding the accused army personnel, the spokesman added.
The spokesman also flayed the present dispensation saying that “the new government has continued the earlier government’s approach regarding the case and has chosen not to withdraw the petition in the Supreme Court.”
“Though, the Jammu and Kashmir State Women’s Commission Chairperson, Nayeema Mehjoor, visited the villages of Kunan-Poshpora and met the survivors, there has been no follow up action specifically on the case so far.”