Pro-India politicians win elections because of boycott by pro-freedom leaders: Geelani

  • ‘Future of Kashmir no way secure under Indian occupation’

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Friday said that pro-India politicians win elections because of the boycott by pro-freedom leaders.
While reacting to the statement of chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed that “future of Kashmir lies with India”, Geelani said that these people succeed owing to the abstinence of pro-freedom groups from elections.
“These kinds of pro-India people come to front because of the boycott of elections by the resistance leadership, otherwise they will hardly find their addresses,” Geelani said in a statement.
The veteran pro-freedom leader said that Sayeed and other people of his tribe have got “no mandate for issuing ‘Fatwas’ about the future of Kashmir”.
“Mufti should be very thankful to the presence of Indian army and police for elevating him to the chair of power but his jurisdiction is limited to the construction of roads and bridges and as far as the future of Jammu & Kashmir is concerned, all its rights are reserved with the common people and resistance leadership of Kashmir who are struggling and offering sacrifices for that purpose,” Geelani said..
He rebuffed the statement of Sayeed saying “the future of Kashmiri nation was in no way secure under occupation”.
While terming Mufti’s utterances as far from truth, Geelani said that it was totally contrary to the situations, events, ground realities and history of Kashmir.
“Jammu & Kashmir is the most militarized region of the world and these forces are occupying this land against the wishes its people and are unleashing brutal and inhuman atrocities upon the residents of this region,” he said.
Geelani, who is continuously under house detention from past 5 months, was once again not allowed to offer the congregational prayers on Friday.
He said that few pro-Indian politicians like Mufti can’t hold the entire Kashmiri nation hostage for their chairs.
“The majority of Jammu & Kashmir have neither accepted the forced military occupation of India in the past and nor will they do this blunder in the future. Kashmiris had resisted the forced occupation of India right from the day one and they are still opposing this illegal relationship,” Geelani said.
“Mufti can gather benefits for his children in the Indian mi-litary occupation but the future of the Kashmiri nation is in no way secure in this occupation. Indian occupation has only given deaths, miseries and destruction to the Kashmiris which resulted in political uncertainty, instability and disorder in this entire region,” he said.
“How can our future be secure with that country which had deployed its troops here without any moral and constitutional justification, which had not only brutally killed lakhs of Kashmiris innocent people but have subjected ten thousand people to the custodial disappearance and killed another ten thousand in the custody,” he said.
“How can Kashmiris feel safe and secure with that nation which had raped their 7500 daughters. This is the country which instead of giving anything had looted and forcibly occupied the natural resources of the Kashmiri nation and which had forcibly took-over the lakhs of Kanals of land of the common Kashmiris and constructed mega army camps over that,” he added.
Geelani said that how can we remain safe in the country which after the 68 years of independence is “yet to accommodate and accept the existence of those minorities who preferred to remain with India at the time of partition in 1947”.
“This news should have reached the ears of Mufti that in India a person can be beaten to death just because he had stored or cooked beef (which is permissible for the Muslims) in his house,” he said.