NC is a vision less party: BJP

Jammu: Accusing the opposition National Conference of being a “visionless” party, the BJP today said that the BJP-PDP coalition government is doing a wonderful job in Jammu and Kashmir.

While flaying the statement of NC MLA from Nagrota constituency Devender Singh Rana, the state spokesman of BJP Arun Kumar Gupta today said that National Conference was trying to project itself as the sole voice of the people.

Rana had yesterday accused the PDP-BJP coalition government in the state of facing a “performance deficit” that had slowed the process of development in Jammu and Kashmir.


“The BJP-PDP government is clearing the muck that the NC government has left behind. Only a systematic correction of NC’s failures can set the growth of Jammu and Kashmir rolling and that is the focus of our government”, Gupta said.

The BJP spokesperson said that the NC MLA did not utter a single word over the beef ban.

He also said that in 2008 when the Amarnath land row controversy erupted in Jammu, Omar Abdullah had gone all out against providing land for Amarnath pilgrims.

“He (Omar) has once again angered the people of Jammu with his bill against beef ban. They cannot act as the sole well wishers of the people of Jammu”, Gupta said.

Gupta accused National Conference of being responsible for the menace of unemployment in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir is a direct result of the complete neglect of this extremely important issue by the NC government. The reign of NC left Jammu and Kashmir under a financial burden of thousands of crores”, he alleged.

He said that NC was in opposition as a result of the blunders committed by the party when it was in power in the state.

While advising the NC to do self introspection, Gupta asked the party to find out the reason of why it was rejected by the people of the state.

“Now when the BJP and PDP is setting the system on track, they (NC leaders) are creating obstacles in the growth of the state which was very unfortunate”, he said. (PTI)