Pro-freedom camp condemns communication blockade, restrictions on Eid eve

SRINAGAR: Pro-freedom leaders on Monday condemned the BJP-PDP government for putting restrictions on their movement and banning internet on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik castigated the government for “indulging in repression that Kashmir hasn’t witnessed since 1988”.
“It has been a common practice throughout these years that the so-called rulers, at least, announced the release of prisoners from jails on Eid days but a government that came into existence after announcing slogans like ‘battle of ideas’ and ‘no bullet but talks’ caged down the whole Kashmir, snapped communication of the state with the outside world,” Malik said in a statement.
“PDP-BJP government is actually run from Nagpur and their Muslim and Kashmir animosity is no surprise to us. This should, however, serve as an eye-opener for those who knowingly or unknowingly got betrayed by the poisonous slogans of PDP and other pro-India parties,” he said.
Malik said that the way the Valley was “caged on the occasion of Eid was nothing but state sponsored terrorism”.
Dukhtaran e Millat led by Syeda Asiya Andrabi termed the internet ban in the state as “unjustified”.
In a statement, a spokeswoman of DeM said that the government “didn’t allow the Kashmiri nation to celebrate Eid with joy by arresting young and old of many families and banning the internet”.
She said that in an era when internet is considered to be a basic human right, the people of Kashmir were “illogically” denied the access.
“Our nation was barred from using internet when thousands of people, who are in Makkah and escaped the big tragedy there, wanted to contact their loved ones,” she said.
“This was done to create an atmosphere of fear and to stop Muslims from bovine slaughter,” she added.
Chairman Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement, Zaffer Akbar Bhat also denounced the detention of Hurriyat leaders and ban on internet and other communication services on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.
Zaffer Akbar Bhat, who was released from the house detention on Monday after six days, termed the internet ban as an “act of frustration.”
“It reflects the mindset of the present government. The step is highly condemnable and grave human rights violation. When the world is moving towards development, the government of J&K is choking people’s freedom by banning internet,” Bhat said in a statement.