28-year-old legal battle of NPCC employee ends after mutual consent

Srinagar: The J&K high court has disposed of an appeal in a matter which was lingering in the courts for the past 28 years.
Interestingly, the matter regarding payment of benefits to an employee, Mashoor Singh Bali, by National Project Construction Corporation (NPCC) ended on mutual consent with both employee and employer agreeing to Rs 10 lakh settlement proposed by the court comprising Chief Justice N Paul Vasanthakumar and Justice Hasnain Massodi.
While the appeal was filed by the NPCC against the court’s 11 September 2011 order, the long drawn legal battle even went to apex court on two occasions.
It was on September 16 hearing when the high court suggested NPCC’s counsel, advocate Mohammad Iqbal Dar as well as Bali to settle the case amicably.
The court had asked Bali, who retired in 2008, as to whether the matter can be settled if NPCC pays a sum of Rs 10 lakh as a full and final settlement.
While Bali, who was present in the court, agreed to the offer, the counsel for NPCC had sought time for instructions about the proposal.
Dharam Pal, Project Manager of NPCC Ltd., who was present in the Court on the subsequent hearing, submitted that the Corporation was willing to pay Rs 10 lakh as full and final settlement and also sought two weeks’ time to produce a Demand Draft of the amount.
“In such circumstances, this appeal is disposed of by consent of parties involved to pay a sum of Rs. 10.00 lacs as full and final settlement,” the division bench said.
It also appreciated the efforts taken by advocate Dar, who primarily advised the Corporation to settle the matter which was lingering in the courts from 1987.
“For handing over the Demand Draft to respondent no. 2 (Bali) by the appellant, post on 14 October,” the court said.
In view of the settlement, the court also closed the execution petition filed before the Industrial Tribunal by Bali.