Suspending Geelani’s passport question mark on India’s democratic claims: Hurriyat(G)

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) on Wednesday termed the suspension of party chairman Syed Ali Geelani’s passport as a “big question mark” on the democratic claims of India.
“It (India) is an imperialistic nation and doesn’t want the voices of subjugated Kashmiris to reach the world,” a spokesman of the amalgam said in a statement.
He said that by suspending Geelani’s passport, India proved it is “scared” of the veteran leader’s participation in international events. “Geelani Sahab was invited by OIC to the New York conference and he had decided to participate in the event. As such, he had applied for visa from the USA Embassy in New Delhi and had received a green signal. On September 22, Srinagar passport office through an email informed us that Geelani’s passport has been suspended.”
The spokesman while terming it the “fascist attitude” of Indian rulers appealed the OIC to take serious notice issue and pressurise India for release of the travel documents.
Expressing resentment over the suspension of passport of Syed Ali Geelani, the Democratic Freedom Party chairman and Hurriyat (G) leader Shabir Ahmad Shah said the octogenarian leader was denied travel documents to “prevent him from highlighting the plight of oppressed Kashmiris and Indian atrocities at a global forum”.
Shah in a statement while condemning the suspension said, “Apart from muzzling the genuine voices of oppressed Kashmiris, the government is forcibly preventing people from highlighting their own plight at global forums and seeking justice from the world leadership.”
He said the passport suspension is a clear indication that the so-called democratic claims of India are “hollow and deceptive”. “The world leadership should see how a powerful nation is suppressing and subjugating another nation through military might.”
National Front chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan has termed the suspension of veteran leader’s passport as a “handiwork of anti-Kashmir elements in Srinagar and New Delhi”. “It has exposed the hollow claims of Indian democracy,” Khan said in a statement.