Youth hold candle-light vigil in B’la against mysterious killings

BARAMULLA: In the backdrop of a wave of killings in north Kashmir, a candle-light vigil was observed in Baramulla on Monday on the occasion of International Day of Peace.
The vigil was organised by Global Youth Foundation, an NGO, near Cariappa Park in Baramulla.
Highlighting their desire for peace, scores of activists, holding banners and placards, wanted the killings in the region to be stopped.
“The poor want peace and prosperity,” read a placard. Another said: “Women want peace with dignity.”
Chairman of the foundation, Touseef Raina said that the recent killing of three-year old Burhan in Sopore has shaken the conscience of all right-thinking people.
“We must stop this mindless violence. Conflict has become a vicious cycle, and the killers don’t even see that their victims include toddlers who have just begun their life. This is totally unacceptable. The poor people of Kashmir don’t want it,” he said.
“I have been saying that a cancer has spread across our land. The agencies have been throwing around money and that has made this cancer malignant. It is eating into our vitals,” he added.
Raina said that many of our so-called leaders think that they have negotiated lucrative deals along with security for themselves and their families.
“They do not realize how unforgiving the cancer of violence is. On the other hand, people, who are not part of power, are desperately seeking peace,” he said.
Sheikh Hilal Ahmed, who had come all the way from Shopian to participate in the vigil, emphasized on dialogue between India and Pakistan.
“The two countries must make an earnest effort to resolve the issue of Kashmir and all the other issues between them,” he said.
“Those, who move in bullet-proof vehicles, cannot understand how much tension, humiliation and distress common people suffer from,” he said.