Varsity’s pharma department asks researchers to go home by 4pm

Srinagar: Kashmir university’s Pharmaceutical Science department has ordered its students and scholars not to stay beyond working hours (10-4pm) in the department.
The order, signed by head of the department, Prof Nahida Tabasum, says the PhD scholars, who intend to continue research work after 4pm, will have to seek permission from their respective supervisors and herself. It adds that the “scholars will be responsible for locking down the department in the evening”.
The order is particular about the stay of girl students beyond official timings.
“No girl student will be allowed to stay in the department after 4pm. They can start their research work early in the morning and leave at 4pm,” it said.
Nahida told Kashmir Reader that she issued the order to “fix responsibility” after two items got damaged in the department.
“Once a bulb had broken but nobody was taking responsibility for it. Now a hinge of a table got damaged and again nobody was taking responsibility,” Nahida said.
Also, she said, the order would “prompt students to come to the department in time” because she had seen many scholars “deliberately arriving late”.
“We have only two to three girl scholars and they have no research work in the first year,” she added.
The scholars, however, said the Dean Research told them that there is no rule that bars a first-year scholar from pursuing research work.
The supervisors are the persons whom they have to report to everyday and they can decide whether they have to conduct research work or not, the scholars said.
“The HOD can verify our attendance from our supervisors if we report late,” they added.
The research work is a major part of the curriculum of two of three courses–(MPharma) and PhD—offered by the department. The third is undergraduate, BPharma.
A scholar pointed out when the HOD Prof Nahida was supervising scholars, they would leave after 7pm.
Several departments, including Biochemistry and Biotechnology, work beyond 4pm and the laboratory work goes on till late hours.
“There is no time limit for research. Laboratory work is time consuming,” said a faculty member, asking for anonymity.
The vice-chancellor, Prof Khurshid Andrabi, has not been told about the order. He said he would ask the HOD to explain the “diktat”.
“That HOD has got no authorization from higher-ups to circulate the order. We want the university should function till late hours and the order is in contravention to it,” Andrabi told Kashmir Reader.