Dr Shahin lauds skills of Kashmiri medicos

Srinagar: Senior Consultant Apollo Cosmetic Clinics Delhi Dr Shahin Nooreyezdan on Sunday lauded Kashmiri doctors saying that they were the “best in India” for their skills and hard work.
He,however, said they have to work under extreme conditions with limited resources at their disposal.
Dr Nooreyezdan said he was impressed by the hospitability and resilience shown by Kashmiri people from time to time.
“I have been coming to Kashmir for last many years. I was really impressed by the spirit people show whenever they face any problem. This was evident during recent floods when the valley was deluged,” he said while interacting with reporters on the sidelines of Multispecialty clinic of Apollo here.
“Similarly, doctors of this place are highly professional and skilled. However, it is unfortunate they are forced to work under extreme conditions with limited resources and support from government,” he said.
He said the best example of resilience was shown by the 27-year-old acid attack survivor of 2013, whom he treated at Apollo Hospital Delhi after approaching her through Dr Sameer Kaul, renowned Oncologist and the then PDP leader.
“I was watching TV when I saw her in a pathetic condition at government hospital. I was shocked to see her face. I thought to help her using whatever I have learnt so I approached her though my friend Dr Kaul. Her life took a complete turn after the attack on her. However, she didn’t give up and turned the abnormal situation in her favor. She is the inspiration for many as she is always smiling,” he added.
Dr Nooreyezdan has been visiting Srinagar to meet and interact with patients facing a variety of issues falling under the realm of cosmetic treatments including hair fall issues and skin problems.
He has come with aware people about a new technology to Kashmir called Ultherapy which Apollo to bring it to valley.
“A relatively new therapy for India, Ultherapy provides an immediate smoothing effect by slowing down the aging process by creating new structural collagen and eventually tightens it thus improving skin texture and tone,” Dr Nooreyezdan said.
“Also known as the ‘lunchtime lift’, Ultherapy is a micro-focused ultrasound treatment for skin tightening. You can literally choose to get it done in your lunch hour and go back to work. The results of the treatment can be enhanced further with the use of dermal fillers and Botox,” he explained