Sale And Slaughter

Since most of the world, civilized or otherwise, ought to be thinking that the world begins and ends in Kashmir, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad cannot be faulted for subscribing (in prospective effect) to opinions reflecting the will of the majority, but the problem lies in the top-down versus bottoms-up conundrum facing all momentous issues, be it in economics or politics, or a blockade on both. In the case of the VHP, the uncertainty probably stems from an apparent inability to decide whether it is a “The World Is Hindu Council” or a “World Hindu Council” (the latter translating as an international-level council of Hindus, or a world council of Hindus…or, unavoidably, Council for a Hindu World). The issue assumes significance in view of fulminant developments in the Absolute World that has found the top-down and the bottoms-up approaches unsuitable and taken to no-holds barred slaughter, with no fear of a ban in the immediate future.


The VHP could put itself out of the misery by taking the issue to the Vishwa (the US Congress, for example, if not the United Nations), pleading that it does not want to let Kashmiris eat the cows they want to eat, so could they please have camel. The argument would carry conviction if someone secretly passed on geographical coordinates proving Rajasthan’s next-door location to Gujarat. That is bound to strike a chord, the business of the US Congress being business, and out of the window with scraps of paper bearing nonsense about religious freedoms. People gotta eat, you know. And doesn’t the US Government have to put bread on the table, so why does it have to be beef?


The high-level delegation would do well to keep legend, myth and Wikipedia, out of the discourse, to allow no inkling of a secret will and testament legend, myth and Wikipedia attribute to King Babur: “The realm of Hindustan is full of diverse creeds. Praise be to God, the Righteous, the Glorious, the Highest, that He had granted unto you the Empire of it. It is but proper that you, with heart cleansed of all religious bigotry, should dispense justice according to the tenets of each community. And in particular refrain from the sacrifice of cow, for that way lies the conquest of the hearts of the people of Hindustan; and the subjects of the realm will, through royal favour, be devoted to you.”  Chapter and Verse.


So now the world knows where the Indian Army gets its vocabulary from, and the VHP and the BJP its politics. Darn thing. The blokes just went and tore down his mosque. And are waiting for the temple till the cows come home.