Hindus can’t force others to follow their faith: Bar

SRINAGAR: Kashmir High Court Bar Association on Saturday strongly denounced VHP’s threat to enforce economic blockade of Kashmir like 2008 if any discussion supporting decriminalization slaughter and sale of beef was allowed by the speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
“The Bar Association wants to convey to VHP that without such a discussion, the Muslims of the State will continue to eat beef as they have been doing in the past,” Bashir  Sidiq, General Secretary of the lawyers body said in a statement here.
The lawyers’ body said that it was of the firm belief that no one has the right to thrust the beliefs of his faith on the other.  “If Hinduism forbids eating of beef, it is for those who believe in Hinduism not to eat or sell the beef, but they cannot force the believers of other religion to follow their faith. The Bar Association also wants to tell Leela Karan that liquor is prohibited by all religions, but VHP has never started an agitation against the sale or consumption of liquor.”
Similarly, the association said, the pork meat is forbidden in Islam, but the believers of other faith not only keep the pork in their flock, but also eat and sell its meat.