Hindu organisations ‘assure’ economic blockade if beef ban discussed


Jammu: Various Hindu organisations backed the statement of ‘allied’ Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) regarding the ‘economic blockade’ of Kashmir if the state assembly allowed a discussion to revoke provisions criminalising bovine slaughter and sale of beef in the state.
Talking to Kashmir Reader, president Kranti Dal Pritam Sharma said that they will support the action of VHP, as it concerns the right of the Hindus. “We will create a 2008 like situation in the state if discussion on beef ban is held in the assembly. This is a direct attack on our religion and we will not tolerate it,” he said. He added that it was ‘high time’ for Jammu based leaders, who have ‘donned the cloak of secularism’, to show their loyalties. “The leaders in Jammu have to make clear on which side of the rope they are standing. Whether they are with the killers or with savers (sic),” he maintained.
Said RSS activist, Aditi Sharma, “We cannot and will not tolerate anything which hurts the religious sentiments of Hindus. Even if the VHP or any other group restrains in this regard, the RSS will be the first to impose an economic blockade on the Kashmir Valley as was done in 2008, during the Amarnath land row.”
State president of Shri Ram Sena Rajiv Mahajan said that an economic blockade of Kashmir was ‘evident’ if such a discussion was held in the assembly. “We are offering only two options to the state government. Either implement beef ban in its true spirit across the state and punish violators or separate Jammu from Kashmir to end this controversy, otherwise face an economic blockade,” he said.
Taking dig at the BJP, Mahajan said that if Jammu leaders failed to save the sanctity of the Jammu people, ‘they will be boycotted’. Similarly, Hindustan Shiv Sena also supported economic blockade.
“People of Jammu will take to the streets to protest the discussion of the anti-beef ban. We will felicitate the protest and also observe Jammu bandh, as it was done in 2008, when supply of essential commodities was restricted,” said president HSS Rajesh Kesri.
Meanwhile, saying no such discussion would be allowed in the state assembly, BJP MLA Ravinder Raina said there was ‘zero possibility’ of a 2008-like situation. “Both parties in the government had agreed to restrict their discussion to developmental issues (sic). Some vested interests are using this issue, as common people in Kashmir and Jammu respect the High Court orders,” Raina said.
“Since we are in the assembly, we will not allow any discussion on the issue, so there is no chance of a repeat of 2008,” he said.