Kashmir-based software firm develops app to find lost items

SRINAGAR: Kashmir-based software firm SOA Web Technologies on Tuesday said it developed a web application for finding belonging lost during travel.
In a realest issued here, it said the app named ‘KashLostFound’ would help people find the money or belongings they forget or lose during travel.
“KashLostFOund is a web application developed by SOA Web Technologies. It will be available on Google Play for android users. It’s a step towards the phenomenon where people can directly meet and start sharing valuable information with general public,” it said.
It said the application is the first of its kind. “It makes it easy for both parties—one who losses the item and the other who finds it—to share the same platform. This initiative was introduced in view of the average ratio of lost items in the world, particularly in Kashmir,” it said.
The firm said the app is an endeavor to “eradicate bonds of dismay, desperation” and to “generate fortitude to fight against all odds”.
SOA Web Technologies said it, since its inception in 2014, has been making “tremendous efforts” to make best use of the technology to connect to wider masses.