Asiya expresses concern over “coercion” of girls for music festival

Srinagar: Expressing concern over the reports that school girls were being allegedly  “coerced to dance” before the politicians and bureaucrats in a cultural show, Dukhtaran-e- Millat president Syeda Asiya  Andrabi said Saturday that schools were turned into hubs of immorality with some officers eyeing exploitation of girls get promotions and other favors from their bosses.
In a statement, Asiya said that Muslim culture of the “occupied state” was in danger as Halal acts like bovine animals slaughtering, selling or purchasing was being made Haram and the prohibited acts like music and dance were being imposed forcibly.
“It is shocking to learn that some schools are forcing the girl students to dance before the politicians and bureaucrats” she said.
She expressed surprise over the statement of Principal Kothi Bagh girl’s higher secondary school Romana Qazi in which she had said that the politicians were not bad guys.
“This is ridiculous, though we all know the so called politicians and their character well as was exposed clearly in 2006 sex scandal. However, Islam doesn’t allow women to sing and dance even before her Maharam not to talk of unknown good or bad men,” said Asiya.
She alleged the Romana and prominent singer Waheed Jeelani, the organizer of called “Shashrang”, must be doing this show to please some politicians.
“But all this is actually a part of a bigger conspiracy to push Jammu Kashmir youth in immorality and show that this was not a Muslim culture essentially and called it a mere cultural aggression,” said DeM President.
She alleged that the cultural wing of the school education was actually created to distort the Muslim culture. Assiyeh also asked Jeelani not to talk much bigger than that of his size and pretend as a savior of the Kashmiri culture.
She also lauded the girl students for exposing the matter and stressed upon them to be bold and show resentment to such coercion and diktats. She also urged the parents to be vigilant and not allow their daughters to participate in the immoral activities in the name of culture.
“I also appeal the common masses to be vigilant to notice such activities before hand so that our original Muslim culture is saved from distortion and youth from vulgarity,” she added.