SWC chairperson assures support to Kunanposhpora victims

Srinagar: Chairman state women’s commission Nayeema Mehjoor spent a day in Kupwara’s Kunanposhpora where army committed mass rape on women in the year 1991 and sought suggestions from the entire village about the possible help.
Nayeema said given that she reported about the plight of the women as a former BBC broadcaster, She assured them their issues would be resolved by launching rehabilitation schemes apart from interaction and counseling sessions to get them out of trauma.
“The nearby villages did not talk to Kunanposhpora and considers them as outcast. Students face problems at colleges by carrying the stigma while women can’t find a good match outside the village,” Nayeema quoted the villagers said.
“Mehbooba jee is very keen to help them and I have been assigned the role to visit such places. Next on my itinerary is Dardpora, the village of half-widows,” she said.