Mufti, Farooq repeating mistakes of Sheikh Abdullah: Dr Qasim

SRINAGAR: Chief of Muslim Deeni Mahaz(MDM), Mohammad Qasim on Tuesday said that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Dr Farooq Abdullah and Saif-u-din Soz were repeating the “mistakes” of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah by aligning with India.
In a statement issued through a MDM spokesman, Qasim said that Sayeed, Dr Farooq , Prof Soz and the people who follow them should read the Quran carefully and then decide whether “they want to be in the Hindu India camp or the resistance camp of the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir”.
“Even today, if they stop supporting the false stand of India on Kashmir and join the resistance movement, they can succeed in removing their names from the list of traitors of the Kashmiri nation,” Qasim said in the statement.
“This will also save them from the worst that they are going to face in the hereafter. Since India is using them as mere tools to extend its occupation In Jammu Kashmir,” the statement said.
Qasim said that if Sheikh Abdullah would have understood the principle of friendship and animosity in the light of Quran then “he wouldn’t have chosen Mohandas Gandhi and Nehru with their Hindu congress over Qaid Azam , Liyaqat Ali Khan and Muslim league”.
“We are not fear mongers but calling people to Islam. Dr Farooq, Mufti Sayeed and Prof Soz and their ilk are repeating the mistakes of Sheikh Abdullah,” the statement said.