Chanapora residents want demolition of wall around government land

Srinagar: Residents of Chanapora have accused the Srinagar Municipal Corporation of failing to bring down a wall constructed illegally by a local around a piece of government land.
Irfan Ahmad, a local, said that for the past seven months SMC has just issued demolition notices against the person, a resident of Methhan in Channapora, who constructed a wall around the government land.
The complaint about “the violation” was brought into the notice of SMC in January this year by locals. The residents said that the agency immediately demolished the structure after first complaint. However after some time the violator erected iron grills around the land.
“We immediately informed the SMC about it. Till today the SMC issued three demolition notices but the illegal structure is still there. The SMC official told us that the demolition could not take place as police did not provide them protection squad,” said Irfan Ahmad.  Now seven months later, the chief enforcement officer Manzoor Ahmad Tarray said that legal process to demolish the above structure was not followed by his predecessor, Nisar Ahmad Shah and now the structure could not be demolished till proper procedure was followed.
“I will be dispose off the case within fifteen days.    We have to ascertain whether the land claimed by the violator is owned by him or is it a government land,” Tarray said.
Asked why SMC did not ascertain the status of the land at the first place, Tarray said “We committed a mistake. Now it will be done in a systematic manner.”