Gund-Qaiser villagers demand dispensary

Bandipora: Residents of Gund-Qaiser village in Bandipora are moving from pillar to post for the establishment of a dispensary in the area.
The villagers said that they have to cover miles for a single dose of injection. They said that the village, comprising about 300 households, was lacking in terms of health infrastructure. They said that their pleas to the administration for development of the area have fallen on deaf ears.
Ghulam Mohammad Chopan, a social worker of the area, has written to MLA Bandipora way back in January 2015 seeking a primary health centre. His plea has failed to get any attention of the concerned authority.
Chopan said that he was ready to provide his own land for the establishment of the health centre.
“Despite being in dire need of the dispensary, our plea was not heard,” he said. Chief Medical Officer, Bandipora, Dr. Bilques said that a village becomes eligible for a health centre when its population exceeded 3000.
“If any other public health center falls within 3 km range of the village and the population of the village is less than 3000 persons, then it can’t claim for a health centre,” the officer said.