‘Communal’ Lal Singh denied Muslim Kashmir a paediatric hospital, alleges KEA

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Economic Alliance on Mondaycastigated the government’s decision to shelve the constructing of a paediatric hospital in Srinagar accusing health minister Chaudhary Lal Singh of being “anti-Muslim.”

In a scathing attack, KEA chairman quoted by chief spokesman, Siraj Ahmad said that Singh’s “wicked and cruel stand” on denying a sanctioned paediatric hospital to Kashmir only shows how “nasty and unethical he can be to the Muslims of the state in general and the Muslims of Kashmir in particular.”
He has asked the BJP minister to desist from putting the “plan of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal”, to bring down Muslim population of India, into practice.
Media reports said that the government has decided to abandon constructing a 500-bedded paediatric hospital in Srinagar and instead construct two floors for children’s healthcare at the new Maternity Hospital in Bemina. The decision to shelve the project midway has been taken in a recently-held cabinet meeting.
“By shelving an urgently required and a minimum of one paediatric hospital to the new born babies of Kashmir, he (Singh) has shown a way to put into practice the vicious and extremely wicked plan of ultra Hindu organisations to curb Muslim population and reduce it considerably,” the KEA chairman said.
KEA chairman asked national and international humanitarian organisations to look into the bare minimum health needs for a population like that of Kashmir.
“Does Kashmir come anywhere near to the standard requirements?” he said.
“Contrary to growing needs of babies, our present strength of no of beds for new born babies in our hospital is 90 whereas in 1976 it was 300. Pathetic as it is, the bureaucratic apathy and lack of care for the population from politicians is established and international humanitarian organisations cannot absolve themselves from the responsibility of not reporting this lack of child health care,” he added.
The KEA said that the deaths of babies from now onwards in Kashmir would be put on the head of Lal Singh.
“In a conflict zone such deaths can be reported as war crimes. The Chief Minister is strongly asked to put his foot down and order immediate construction and completion of the sanctioned paediatric hospital. Removal of Lal Singh from the ministry may be a step forward to show PDPs determination not to be bullied by Singh,” the chairman said.
“Even forgoing the power would not be a bad option,” he said.
Following public outcry after hundreds of infants had died in G.B. Panth hospital due to lack of infrastructure in 2014, the government had decided to build a paediatric hospital of 500 beds to cater to the rising needs of health care in Kashmir.

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  1. mohamad idris   September 1, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    We should never expect anything from communal RSS. Why can’t our elite class build a hospital for the people of Kashmir?