In Pahalgam, parks matter more for PDD than hospital

ANANTNAG: In other parts of the world healthcare is always a priority, but for authorities in Pahalgam a recreational park seems more important than a hospital.
Pahalgam hospital is being supplied power via a single phase while the recreational park adjacent to it feeds on a double-phased essential supply line. Locals and hospital sources said that the equipment in the hospital can’t run on the low voltage.
“The voltage through a single phased line is such that neither the X-ray plant nor any other machine in the hospital works. We have to use the generator for X-rays as the electricity serves no purpose,” some paramedics posted in the hospital told Kashmir Reader, adding that even the high-capacity stabiliser worth over Rs 2 lakh provided to the hospital four months ago does not work on the single-phased power.
Paramedics in the hospital said that despite repeated representations to the PDD authorities and the sub-divisional administration for proper power supply to the hospital nothing was done. “An assistant executive engineer visited the hospital a few months ago and assured essential power supply in a week’s time, but months have passed since then. Even SDM Pahalgam and the former deputy commissioner were apprised of the situation many times, but they too failed to get the problem solved,” they said.
Interestingly, a recreational park adjacent to the hospital, according to the health employees, gets its power supply through an essential line. “It is ironical that the PDD authorities have ensured the double phased essential line to a park but are hesitant to improve the power supply to the healthcare facility,” said another paramedic.
On his part, executive engineer, PDD division, Bijbehara, Wali Mohammad, said that the essential power line will be provided to the hospital within days: “Hospitals have to be supplied power through an essential line. I have assumed charge of the division only last week. Now that you have brought the issue to my notice, I will personally look into the matter and solve it within days.”