Asiya Andrabi condemns police raids in Old City

SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Syeda Asiya Andrabi on Sunday condemned the “police excesses” and arrests in downtown Srinagar accusing the state forces of harassing the youth “out of frustration.”
She said that from north to south Kashmir “a reign of terror” has been unleashed against the youth.
In a statement, Andrabi said many parts of old city Srinagar are being raided during nights by the police.
“A number of boys have been arrested in downtown area and a young boy Sajjad Ahmad was fired upon while a protest for the release of those arrested was going on peacefully,” she said.
She said that those who chanted “Goli se nahi Boli se”, to exploit the people, have given a freehand to the forces to such an extent that these forces “stop, ask and then fire upon the people as was done in Sajjad’s case.”
She said that the state was “virtually being run by RSS” and its allied forces while the so called strong politicians have surrendered everything just to enjoy the luxuries of life.
Dukhtaran-e-Millat president further said that on one hand the people are harassed and on the other hand they are barred from raising their voice against the atrocities.
She said that such cruel attitude of the authorities would not dissociate the people, especially the youth, from the movement but makes the importance and need of freedom more clear to them.
She cautioned the forces against pushing the youth to the wall. “The youth would retaliate in such a manner that would be difficult for India and its local stooges to control.”
Andrabi also expressed concern about Kashmiri girls, admitted in different colleges and institutes outside state, “indulging in waywardness and unethical practices.”
Appealing the parents, she said that while the importance of attaining education cannot be undermined but the honour and the chastity of a girl should be given the preference. Referring to the “concern” expressed by some of the male students about some of the local girls, Andrabi termed it to be worrisome for whole nation.
“This is worrisome for us as a Muslim nation that our daughters indulge in waywardness and vulgar activities, as has been complained by some male students studying outside Kashmir, we should feel ashamed” she said.
She said though the importance of education cannot be undermined but it should be with a purpose.