Mir, Khan condemn use of pellet guns against protesters

SRINAGAR: Pro-freedom leaders Javaid Ahmad Mir and Nayeem Ahmad Khan on Friday raised their voices against the use of pellet guns and pepper spray by police against protesters in Kulgam and Srinagar districts.
A Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesman said that Javaid Ahmad Mir and Mushtaq Ahmad Sofi led a protest at Old City against the use of deadly pellet guns and pepper gas in Kashmir particularly in Kaimoh, Kulgam in which dozens of youth received major injuries last week.
Senior leaders including Ghulam Nabi Zaki, Jaffer Kashmiri and dozens of other activists also participated in the protest.
“ The leaders stated that a youth Muhammad Asif of Kaimoh was injured due to deadly pellet guns damaging his one eye. Condemning the use of poisonous pepper gas in old city, the leaders stated that in the whole of downtown areas, government forces were indiscriminately using pepper gas and pellets,” the spokesman said.
Meanwhile National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan also condemned the “police atrocities” in Khudwani, Kulgam and Pulwama.
In a statement, he said that Jammu And Kashmir State has virtually turned into a police state where the men in uniform are used to silence the political opponents and those who dare to raise their voice against the so-called government.
“In every district, the men in uniform have unleashed terror among the freedom loving people by using pellets, slapping PSA and using lathis against peaceful protesters,” Khan said.
“This all is done on the behest of RSS and other anti-Muslim forces to curb the freedom struggle,” Nayeem Ahmad Khan.
He said adding such tactics have no place in the civilized world and after every oppression on the freedom loving people of Kashmir the world community is getting more and more convinced about the fact that “India is holding Kashmir only on gunpoint.”
Nayeem Ahmad Khan hailed the statement of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) secretary general, in which he had raised his voice in favour of the resistance movement and the implementation of the UN resolutions.
He said that the day is not far when the whole international community will raise voice against India and “New Delhi will be forced to leave Jammu Kashmir.”