Video of govt teacher goes viral on social media



SRINAGAR: Contrary to the general perception on ground about the government teachers, a video clip has gone viral on social media showing a teacher’s meticulous skill in teaching the art of translation to his students.

Standing with folded arms, students could be seen in the video clip translating in unison some Kashmiri sentences into English.
The students, aged 8-10, not only translate the sentences well but also use proper tenses and answer general knowledge questions as the teacher melodiously puts forth a sentence in Kashmiri.
The clip reveals the school as Government Middle School Shopian.
The video was shared and praised on social media with the netizens eulogizing the efforts of this government teacher.
The teacher is also being hailed for practically demonstrating in the class the entities about which he speaks.
“Bag chu table’as peth,” says the teacher while practically placing a bag on the table. The students could be seen spontaneously responding with the sentence “The bag is on the table”.
Government schools in Kashmir continue to dominate the news headlines since Naeem Akhter assumed office as education minister.
Non-existing schools, surprise inspections and government’s plans to test Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers were some issues that kept this department under limelight.
“It is nice to see a government teacher showing such efforts in his lectures. It is really encouraging,” says Farida, a private school teacher.
Interestingly, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Naeem Akhter have also found a place in the clip with the teacher asking his students the names of chief minister and education minister of the state.
Last year government teachers came under radar after a video of a nursery class student went viral on social networking sites.
The kindergarten kid was shown being coerced ridiculed by his teacher for not reading English and Urdu alphabets properly.
Another controversial picture was earlier shared on social media this year wherein students were seen massaging the feet of their teacher as he was relaxed against the chair.