Talks have never achieved independence for nations: Dr Faktoo

Srinagar: Muslim Deeni Mahaz chief Dr Muhhamad Qasim on Sunday said that talks have never achieved independence for nations and urged pro-freedom groups should instead focus on strengthening the freedom movement to make it result oriented.
“What would have the dialogue between Sartaj Aziz and his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval achieved? What could have been achieved if Kashmir would have been on the agenda?” Dr Qasim said in a statement.
“Since November 1, 1947, both the countries have met for dialogue more than 100 times. But in these 68 years the real result that has been seen on the ground is that the India has done everything to strengthen its occupation on Jammu Kashmir and is working on its imperialist designs with all its vigor,” he said.
He said that when Indian and Pakistan governments have failed in solving minor issues like Siachen and Sir Creek through dialogue, expecting them to solve Kashmir on dialogue table was foolish.
“Pro freedom leadership should not hold high hopes out of this dialogue process instead they should take note how India, at full pace, is strengthening its occupation in Jammu Kashmir. History bears witness that nations have never gained independence through bilateral or tripartite talks,” he added.