Every month, 7 out of 37 accidents involve two-wheelers in Srinagar

SRINAGAR: There has been an increase in number of accidents involving bikes in Srinagar in the past five years triggering concern among the officials over the trend.
Official data revealed that the city has witnessed 2217 road accidents from the year 2010 to 2014 in the city out of which 426 involved bikes.
The figures mean that every month there were seven accidents involving two-wheelers out of 37 road accidents in the city.
Superintendent of traffic police in Srinagar, Maqsood-u-Zaman said that youngsters riding bikes were more vulnerable to accidents owing to their rash driving.
He said that youngsters avoid wearing helmets and often indulge in over-speeding.
“The situation in the city is worse. Thousands of bikes have been impounded in order to reduce growing number of two-wheeler accidents,” Zaman said.
The official said that after the drive of penalising bikers, there was a positive change on the ground.
“We have been working very hard for past one and a half month. People have started wearing helmets,” Zaman said.
“It has been a successful drive so far and people are cooperating. However, we will be continuously monitoring the traffic violators in the city,” he said.
“I assure you in near future, every biker will wear a helmet, otherwise they will face court of law,” he added.