Dilapidated roads irk Baramulla residents

Baramulla: Residents of Baramulla town have complained that major roads of the town are in dilapidated condition causing immense inconvenience to the commuters.
They also said that the bumpy roads were causing frequent road accidents in the town.
According to locals of the area, the condition of major road stretches and inner links including Baramulla-kandi road from Khanpora to Bus Stand besides roads in Kanlibagh, Dewanbagh, Old-town, Khadniyar, Drangbal and Khawajabagh are in very bad condition.
“Almost all the roads in the town are in very bad shape. From the past several years, nobody has bothered to repair the roads and foot paths. The government has totally neglected this town, when it comes to development. The R and B department has subjected people to miseries. People here are crying for basic amenities,” said general secretary Traders’ Federation, Er Tariq Ahmad Magloo.
“With slight rainfall, the roads are inundated It is very difficult to drive on these roads. The drainage system is also defunct. The pipeline which connects drains of several civil lines areas is too old with leaks here and there. Similarly in Old-town areas, the drainage system is totally blocked with thousands of people facing problems,” he said.