Will take all steps for development of handicrafts sector, says Mufti

SRINAGAR: The Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Saturday said his government will take “all possible steps” to promote the state’s handicrafts sector.
“The state government will take all possible steps to promote state’s handicraft sector. I have passed directions for branding and price-tagging of products so that buyers are assured about the quality of our shawls, carpets, paper machie, and wood-work items,” he said in his August-15 speech.
He said the government has announced several measures to boost the export-oriented industry.   For improvement in horticulture sector, he said, the government has decided to revive the Market Intervention Scheme for procuring C-grade fruits. The government will also offer risk cover to farmers and fruit growers against weather vagaries by offering crop insurance, he said.
“We have also announced swift makeover of our Fruit Mandis and modern centres wherein storage, packaging and grading, online marketing and booking and movement of fruit-laden trucks will be undertaken in a smooth manner,” he said.