Protests erupt in Kunzar after MLA Gulmarg ‘thrashes’ official

BARAMULLA: Protests erupted in Kunzar tehsil on Friday after PDP leader and MLA Gulmarg, Mohammad Abbas Wani, allegedly thrashed an officer of horticulture department. Wani has denied the allegations.
Scores of residents and employees of horticulture department protested in front of tehsil office Kunzar demanding police to register an FIR against Wani.
Protesters alleged that Wani thrashed block horticulture officer Tangmarg, Shabir Ahmad Ganaie on Thursday for refusing to issue Kissan Credit Cards to some residents recommended by the legislator.
Shabir Ahmad Ganai said that the MLA had recommended three candidates for Kissan Credit Cards who were “not eligible for the same as they have no orchard land.”
“On Thursday afternoon, Wani called me to his Tangmarg office and manhandled me. He did not listen to me. He abused me in front of dozens of people in his office and threatened that he will recommend for my termination from the department,” Ganai said.
“I have not lodged an FIR against him because he is in power. He can do anything. However, I informed my higher authorities about the issue,” Ganai said.
Wani, while talking to media persons, refuted the allegations of the officer.
“His allegations are totally baseless. Neither had I thrashed any officer nor did I humiliate anyone,” Wani said.
He said that he sent a letter to the officer to issue KCC loans in favour of three poor persons including two women.
“The concerned officer, without a proper check, refused to entertain their cases. I called the officer into my office and asked him in front of the three persons about his refusal to entertain their cases. He, however, abused the three persons and used un-parliamentary language,” the MLA said.
Wani said that he has asked horticulture minister and director horticulture to transfer the officer from his constituency.