India preparing ground to repeat 1987-like situation for next elections, claims Faktoo

SRINAGAR: Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) on Wednesday claimed that India was preparing ground for 1987-like election conspiracy to sabotage the historic and ideological basis of Kashmir issue.
“To term the resistance movement of Jammu Kashmir as a reaction to the large scale rigging in elections of 1987 is a conspiracy to sabotage the historic and ideological basis of the Kashmir issue. In the garb of such statements ground is being prepared to repeat a Muslim united Front-like environment for 2021 elections,” the incarcerated MDM chairman Dr Muhammad Qasim Kaktoo said in a statement.
He said that Indian intellectuals were “on purpose terming our resistance struggle a result of the rigging of 1987 elections. “ This impression is being given to the world that Kashmiris want to live under the constitution and political system of India and it was only after the riggings of 1987 that these people were pushed to resist Indian Rule,” he added.
“It is sad state of affairs that some of our journalists and intellectuals are becoming a party to this propaganda. The resistance movement in Jammu and Kashmir started on the same day when the first Indian soldier set foot on this land and should be seen as an extension of the resistance against Dogra Rule. Not a single decade passed from 1947 to 1988, where we cannot find evidences of a political and armed struggle against Indian occupation,” he added.