Er Rashid’s sit-in for IIT,IIM continues for 2nd day


Srinagar: For the second consecutive day on Tuesday, Engineer Abdul Rashid continued his sit-in outside the civil secretariat demanding IIT and IIM for Kashmir.
The independent MLA and head of Awami Itihaad Party was joined by people from all walks of life, which included traders, lawyers, students and civil society members, to express solidarity with the cause.
Eyewitnesses said that the 50-hour sit-in seeking IIT, IIM and IIMC for Kashmir continued uninterrupted throughout the night after it started on Monday.
Engineer Rashid alleged that Kashmir was being neglected while winter capital Jammu was having the upper hand.
“This is a planned game from Delhi so that the Jammu people get whatever they agitate for. Now, Kashmiris should agitate as well to get things they do not have. If Jammu can fight for an AIIMS, why can’t we? We will let Delhi know about our rights,” he said.
“I request every political and non-political party to join the cause, there is nothing to politicize but this sit-in is for Kashmiris and every Kashmiri should join and fight for their rights,” he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Batamaloo Traders Association president, Reyaz-ul-Islam, said that all the parties need to have a united stand over these basic issues. “We will get united and work together to end discrimination against Kashmiris,” he said.
New Delhi had initially sanctioned one AIIMS for the state which was to come up in Kashmir, while Jammu was sanctioned the other institutions.
However, after a widespread agitation in Jammu, New Delhi announced the setting up of an AIIMS-like facility in the Jammu region as well.