600 hectares under rainy season plantation in Jammu

SRINAGAR: An area of about 600 hectares has been identified for rainy season plantation in Jammu division of the state, the government said Monday.
An official handout issued here said the Minister for Horticulture, Abdul Rehman Veeri, reviewed working of the Department of Horticulture, Jammu, and Horticulture Planning and Marketing division.
During the meeting, the Director Horticulture Jammu, Anil Kumar Sharma, said, “An area of 600 hectares has been identified for rainy season plantation and till date pit digging in an area of 350 hectares and plantation in an area of 170 hectares has been completed.”
“Besides, 896 soil samples from the fields have been tested and 37 of pesticide samples have been lifted from the markets to check sale of spurious drugs,” he informed.
The director said the department has “vigorously” taken up Rs 16-crore “farmer-friendly plan” under CSS schemes MIDH and RKVY.
He said rainy season plantation is being carried out by prospective orchardists along with implementation of the other components of the schemes as per guidelines.
The minister, as per the handout, interacted with the field officers to know about their observations and to understand the requirements for healthy and efficient implementation of the schemes.
He asked for giving a boost to production by “adopting high-density plantation, mechanisation, and judicious use of irrigation facilities including micro-irrigation”.
The minister advocated adoption of Integrated Nutrient Management or Integrated Pest Management practices to be followed by registration with Organic Certification Agency, which he said “is highly subsidised and prioritised by the government”.
“Any organically produced and certified product gets two to three times more returns than the normal one,” he said.