J&K govt asks for ‘less security’ at Srinagar/Jammu airports

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir government has apparently written to the Indian home ministry, asking for a relaxation in security norms at Srinagar and Jammu airports, according to a report in The Hindu newspaper.
The report says the argument of the state government was that a “security overdrive” at the airports adversely affected tourism prospects in the state; “gun toting security personnel” all around the airport areas, the state apparently contended, “intimidated tourists, particularly foreigners”.
Manned by the CRPF, the airports at Jammu and Srinagar have multiple layers of security, with passengers from Srinagar airport not even allowed to carry handbags onto the planes.
“The state government has a point. The security overkill is a dampener for tourism prospects. They want the security provisions to be relaxed, if not withdrawn completely,” the report quoted a senior home ministry official as saying.
Apparently, a high-level meeting was convened last week at North Block in Delhi, where the issue was discussed. But the report also quoted another government official as saying that “the heightened threat around Srinagar airport is always a cause of concern. In the current scenario, there can be no reduction of security personnel at the two airports”.