Screen All

Work in government-run schools has been hit because of the screening test the government has proposed for Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) recruits, and teachers who have obtained their degrees from outside the state or through distance education.  A few quarters have hailed the decision, believing that it would put the education system back on rails. The government must now show the same degree of concern, and apply the same policy elsewhere as well. It has been observed that ministers have miserably failed in contributing to the development of the state, and are, in fact, responsible for strangling most public sector undertakings and corporations. Usually, ministers or MLAs are made chairpersons of such bodies or corporations where it is very easy for them to employ people as the regular recruitment board has no role in the process. It is an internal affair, decided by the corporation boards usually, and unfortunately, headed by politicians who know little about the offices they hold by virtue of affiliation with political parties. The results are obvious. Barring rare exceptions, corporations have collapsed, depriving deserving people of their livelihood.

Since the good work has started from the education department, people expect similar screening tests for all those employed by ministers, politicians and bureaucrats in corporations through the backdoor.  This, on the one hand, will help avert the corporations’ failure, and on the other, ensure job security for genuine employees. But this cannot be done as no one can afford to annoy individuals who do India a favour every six years by contesting elections. There have been instances when the government had nominated dreaded Ikhwanis for civilian awards. People who had unleashed a reign of terror in the 90s made it to the legislature. Lawbreakers became lawmakers, and those, who today want teachers to pass screening tests, would salute them. As a matter of principle, an individual aspiring to becoming a law-maker must also undergo a screening test. Anyone who has no experience of governance must not become a minister even if he is a genius in his own field. Similarly, the government must follow guidelines laid down by courts and rights bodies before promoting police officers. This will prevent ruthless killers from heading a force meant for protecting the life and property of the common people. Can this be done?