Govt firm on going ahead with screening test

Govt firm on going ahead with screening test

Omar Abdullah has blood of innocents killed during his regime on his hands; had turned education dept into a transfer industry: Naeem Akhtar

Srinagar: Despite the stiff opposition to the proposed screening test for teachers, the government is moving ahead with its proposal and will soon issue a date sheet for the examination.
Minister of Education Naeem Akhtar insisted the screening test would be conducted according to the directions of the High Court, which has sought termination of those teachers who fail the test. “The government is following court orders, and we are committed to conduct the screening test. We are introducing reforms for quality education and will issue a date sheet for the examination soon,” Akhtar told Kashmir Reader.
He blamed the opposition — National Conference and Congress – for ‘tearing down’ the education sector in the state during their stint. “The opposition is always a champion of bad causes. They destroyed the education sector for 12 years and we are introducing reforms now. They have no moral justification to oppose it and are simply doing politics over the issue,” he added.
On Wednesday, former CM Omar Abdullah had asked Akhtar to test himself in electoral politics first, while criticising the Mufti-led government’s move of holding a screening test for teachers. However, Akhtar termed Omar’s comments as “goosy” (exhibiting foolishness), while accusing his government of turning the education department into a ‘transfer industry with a rate list’: “It’s a known fact how the previous regime turned the education department into a transfer industry with a Rs 10,000 to Rs 2 lakh rate list for affecting transfer of teachers, lecturers, headmasters, principals, zonal education officers and others.”
Akhtar also accused the Omar-led government of withholding the salaries of ReTs for over a year and diverting those funds in a ‘fraud to hoodwink the people during election time’.
“Omar Abdullah could have done well with the amount of money that he spends on himself and his children to build one good school. There is blood of innocent children on his hands who were killed during his regime, and also the entire education system suffered during his tenure when even teachers were taxed for transfers and promotions,” he said.
According to Akhtar, the government is not against any section of teachers but is ‘only focused on providing better education as it forms the basis of a successful society’.

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