KGVB teachers’ president faints after com-sec calls for her termination

SRINAGAR: The president of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalya (KGBV) teachers association fainted during a meeting with commissioner secretary education Shaleen Kabra, after the latter allegedly threatened her of termination.
Mymoona Khan had gone to meet Kabra on Tuesday in the civil secretariat to discuss the issue of their regularization.
Following the incident, a group of teachers from association protested inside the secretariat against the treatment meted out to their president.
The teachers, who had come from different districts to meet the official, said that they were dismayed by the government response towards the issue of their regularization.
General Secretary of the association, Gulshan Akhtar said that during their meeting with the commissioner Khan collapsed after “Kabra ordered termination of the services of those who had come to meet him.”
Khan was provided medical attention and, according to his associates, has recovered.
According to the association KGBV is a centrally- sponsored scheme implemented throughout rural India in 2004 with the aim of increasing the literacy rate among girls to “empower” them.
In Jammu and Kashmir 700 teachers were appointed by the government with the promise of regularization on the pattern of Rehbar-e-Taleem. The association said that in the past three years they have been forced to come out on roads and visit civil secretariat to press for their regularization.
Karba told Kashmir Reader that the teachers can leave the premises of their schools only after seeking permission of the concerned Zonal Education Officer.
He said that he did not call for the termination of their services.
“The teachers should have faith in the system. We are looking into the issue of their regularization,” Kabra said.