JK Bank rejects three top officers for VC post

Srinagar: As many as three top officers of J&K Bank were rejected for the post of Vice-President, raising apprehensions about the selection procedure adopted by the bank.
Among the bank’s four cluster heads in Kashmir central, only the cluster head for Budgam was selected for the post while the others were rejected. The rejected include cluster head I Shafaat Rufai, cluster head II Altaf Mehboob Gani, and cluster III Shafaat Kitab. Of the trio, Gani is on the verge of retirement and would not be eligible for the post.
“The three officers are the senior-most and those who were junior to the trio were selected. For example, a person who was just a branch head has become Vice-President and higher in rank to the cluster head who was otherwise the former’s senior,” sources said.
Last month, bank Chairman and CEO Mushtaq Ahmad promoted as many as 32 assistant Vice-presidents as Vice-Presidents out of 80 aspirants. The Vice-President’s post, according to the bank’s management, is an entry point to the bank’s “prestigious leadership band”.
Kashmir Reader has learnt that for the first time as many as 80 aspirants had been called for the three-day interview for the post. This, critics allege, was a move ‘tailored by the management to appoint likeminded persons’ to the key post. The trio had not been on good terms with the management, sources said.
“Earlier, the management would call 10 candidates more than the number to be selected. This is something that hasn’t happened before, and it has been done to help the candidates favoured by the management. In the process, the rejected candidates, all of whom are senior, top-ranking officials, have been discouraged,” a source said.
Interestingly, the private secretary to the bank’s Chairman had also applied for the coveted position but was rejected by the interview panel. On his part, when asked to comment, Chairman Mushtaq Ahmad said, “This is the bank’s internal matter”.