BJP portraying secret bomb makers as victims: CPI (M)

New Delhi: CPI (M) has accused BJP of using photographs of persons killed inside bomb-making units in Kerala for portraying them as victims of violence allegedly by the Left party in the southern state during an exhibition held here.

BJP president Amit Shah had on Tuesday inaugurated the exhibition titled ‘An Untold Story of Intolerance: Communist violence in Kerala’ in which the right wing party displayed photographs of its workers killed allegedly by the Left cadre.

Countering the allegations, CPI (M) said six of the RSS and BJP workers, whose photographs the right wing outfits used as victims of violence of the Left party, had actually died inside a “secret bomb-making units” of the Hindutva organisations in November 2008 and that it had not targeted them.

The Communist party also posted images of newspapers carrying reports regarding the incidents.

It further termed BJP claims as “lies” and asked Shah to submit an answer over the issue.

“Big Expose: The BJP has used photographs of persons killed inside bomb-making units of RSS in Kannur to accuse the CPI(M) in Kerala of violence.

“The purported aim is to argue, as Shah did at the inauguration, that CPI (M) in Kerala is unable to tolerate dissent and practices killing of its political opponents. It has presented many photographs in the exhibition, mostly of deceased BJP activists,” the party said in a post on its official Facebook page.

CPI(M) said it is in the process of verifying “each and every” photograph in the exhibition as the accusations leveled by RSS and BJP are “untrue”.

“We will put out more details of lies from the BJP and RSS in coming days. But what is clear is that BJP and RSS stand totally exposed in their effort to show that CPI(M) is practicing violence against its opponents. It is the fascist nature of BJP-RSS that has been revealed by this exhibition,” CPI(M) added.