Shopian district has been handed over to forces: Hurriyat (G)

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (G) on Tuesday alleged that the government has “handed over” south Kashmir’s Shopian district to the armed forces.
“Like the 90s, the Indian army and the Special Task Force of police have made the lives of the common people in Shopian miserable. An unending process of the arrests and tortures have been started in the district with the result dozens of youth mostly students have gone into hiding,” a Hurriyat spokesman said in a statement.
He alleged that the government forces were “punishing” the common people in the name of counter-insurgency operations. “The citizens have been held hostage in place of the Mujahideens.”
He said that apart from dozens of civilians, police has also detained scores of its party activists and leaders in the district.
“The locals informed the Hurriyat office over phone that the families of the youths have gone into hiding due to the fear of arrests and tortures,” he added.
“Police in the area is arresting brother in place of his brother and father in place of son and are being subjected to the third degree torture,” he added.
He further said that police was demanding hefty “amount as ransom money for the release of their wards.”
“The Shopian district has been practically handed over to the Indian army and STF and the civil administration looks non-existent in the district. The people of the area are in a very miserable condition and there is no one who can listen into their problem,” he added.